Lead a photowalk for National Photography Month

Lead a photowalk. Yes, you. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate National Photography Month.

Did we mention that May is National Photography Month? In case you missed it, we first mentioned here five ways to celebrate.

Since there are so many ways we can celebrate here’s another, more specific option. Lead a photowalk. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to plan your walk so that it is fun and successful.

Preplan a route

If you are already familiar with where you are going, great. But, if there are places you want to go and are unsure of the best (and most photographic) route to get to them, take a map or use the GPS app on your phone. I have to say I almost always take a printed map as well through because in certain areas, especially in cities with tall buildings, the wifi/cell service isn’t reliable. 

Be sure to share the planned route with all walk participants. This way, if anyone wanders off they can easily meet back up with the group. 

lead a photowalk

Create a group text

People wander off, it happens. In case anyone gets lost it’s a good idea to share a group text or chat. If someone is falling behind or wanted to take a detour for some reason, they can always text the group to find out where you are. Then they can catch up and you know to wait for them if you need to.

Give everyone a way to reach you as well. Check your texts/phone every so often too so you’re not accidentally ignoring a call or text for a question or help.

Say hello

As the photowalk leader, welcome each person yourself. Don’t make everyone introduce themselves to the group though, especially if it’s a large group. They will wander around and meet each other throughout the walk. But, as a leader, everyone should know who you are.

lead a photowalk

Have some help

If you have a very large group you’ll want to have a couple of photographer wranglers to help you out. It’s not easy to keep track of everyone on your own. So grab a couple of friends or even ask people when they sign-up if they’d like to help. It doesn’t have to be rigid and formal, but it does help to keep people moving along when it’s time to move to the next spot. 

Check parking/accessibility in advance

Make your beginning and ending locations easy to access. Check to make sure parking is nearby and available, and let people know in advance if it costs extra. Don’t choose a location and route that isn’t easily walkable or accessible for someone who may have limited mobility. Check buildings that may or may not have elevator access. Same with parks and bridges.

lead a photowalk

Don’t forget the group photo

In all the wandering and excitement of meeting everyone, and of course, capturing amazing images, we tend to forget to take photos of ourselves. Plan ahead for a location to get a group photo. Likely, at the beginning of the walk might be best as everyone will be there. 

Along these lines also take photos of and with your fellow photographers. It’s a fun way to reconnect with them after the walk. Give everyone the information as to where they can all share the photos from the day. We’d love for you to share your photowalk images with us in the (Site service photographie aérienne) Community – click here to share.

lead a photowalk

Have fun

This is the most important thing (well safety first). Just have fun. Try not to get yourself too caught up in the “I’m in charge” thought process and relax. If you are relaxed and at ease, everyone else will be too.